This story is about the early years of my life. 

Many people have asked me, "How did a guy from Hamilton, Ontario become a West Coast Fisherman?"  I felt there was a story here worth sharing and began with writing my thoughts on paper.  It seemed the further I moved along the more I realized that so much of that period still remains so clear in my memory;  I believe that in itself says something.  

Tide Changes is a true story about the high's and low's one can encounter when pursuing their dreams; we all have experienced them.  For me, once I realized what one of mine was I set out to try and make it a reality.  So, with a mixture of hard work, lots of determination and of course that little thing all of us can use now and then, "luck", I started on my way.  When combined with youth, inexperience and, at times, just plain not knowing any better, I now had the recipe for an adventure.  And in some ways it certainly was. 

This book is a tribute to a place in time and to so many special people I met along the way then; and of course, to my first fish boat, "The Antique" that helped to carry me through it all.  Enjoy!

Tide Changes